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The directives of the Minister of Transport and the follow-up and supervision of the director of the General Company for Iraqi Ports.

Today, February 8, the northern port of Umm Qasr received the giant ship MSC Renee, with a length of 366.45 m, and it is the largest vessel received by our ports since its foundation.

The general manager said that this giant ship is considered the largest ship received by our ports, and it docked in ten ports before reaching Umm Qasr’s northern port, with a capacity of 14,000 containers, with 3,688 containers on board, and it will return carrying an empty container on its back.

He added: The reception of these giant ships with a great draft is the result of the expansion works of the navigation channels carried out by the company according to studies and plans that had been prepared in advance.

It is mentioned that the Iraqi ports, in cooperation with the supporting health authorities in the ports, carry out medical examination procedures for the marine cadres on board these ships, with a review of the health certificates of the coming marine crews in the ports they docked before our ports.

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