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Naseem Umm Qasr is located in the republic of Iraq in Basra Governorate, Algeria neighborhood, and an office in Umm Qasr is within the port of Umm Qasr. Umm Qasr is the largest port in Iraq nowadays. It lies near the Iraqi-Kuwait borders. In the city of Safwan and Umm Qasr were and still the best Iraqi ports controlling an important part of the Arab Gulf. This port receives giant ships and it is considered a wonderful sample of any port in the world and here the name of Naseem Umm Qasr, a leader in marine, air and land shipping has emerged.

Basra Governorate is of great importance, as it is the second largest Iraqi city in economic after the capital of Iraq. Basra overlooks at the Arab Gulf and Basra abound in its importance in the oil field. It is rich in many oil fields, the most important oil fields are the Rumaila, Shaiba, Majnoon and Zubair fields and on the another hand, in Basra there are many important commercial and oil ports. In addition to Umm Qasr port, there are Khor Al-Zubair port, Al-Maqal port, Abu Flus port and other important ports.

Basra is also important in the process of transportation and air fright represented by Basra International Airport. Also, Basra is characterized by the presence of the process of transport and land freight represented by the transport of commercial goods with neighboring countries represented in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the states of Kuwait and Iran through the border ports, where these ports are considered a center for transporting and exchanging goods with the mentioned countries with Iraq.

Basra is characterized by the presence of the Shatt Al-Arab, the river which is considered the meeting point of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers long ago, reaching length of 190 km and flows into the Persian Gulf. The waterways are congested in the world and a number of Arab countries overlook at it, including Iraq, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, and the United Arab Emirates, and from non-Arab countries that overlook the Persian Gulf is Iran. The Arab Gulf is important because it is considered an important source for the coastal cities which extract pearl on its banks and export to India. There are also many oil and gas wells in the Arab Gulf that the Arab countries mentioned above have in common.

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